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Since 20 years
ImageSteiner Box was founded in 1985 by music-loving hi-fi buffs Uwe Steiner and Karlheinz Götz. What started out as a small shop for DIY speaker builders was soon to develop into one of Germany’s most renowned audio shops. Today, Steiner Box is a “Premium Partner” of STEREO magazine. In 2004, Steiner Box was accepted into the select circle of Linn Elite distributors – an honour shared by only a very few dealerships worldwide.

If you are serious about music, then we have something in common. Steiner Box puts music first; we regard technology as a means to an end. We choose audio equipment and loudspeakers for their ability to reproduce music faithfully and so increase your enjoyment. We will never offer anything that does not satisfy these criteria. It may surprise you that excellent results can be achieved on a small budget – so good in fact that the bargains found in large retail chains pale in comparison. At the same time, we maintain the most demanding standards. We can demonstrate the best equipment from the most highly respected audio manufacturers to you in a setting where the music is allowed to speak for itself. It was with this purpose in mind that Steiner Box was founded in Erlangen in 1985 by Uwe Steiner and Karlheinz Götz. We have since served many customers who now regularly return – because, like us, they are serious about music.